Lady Gaga Monster Ball Band!

February 8, 2010. Gagafrontrow exclusive! For the arena Monster Ball tour from February 18, 2010 onwards, a new touring band has been recruited. As announced before, auditions for the band were held in New York City with musical director Joe "Flip" Wilson. Here is more information. Final update: February 2011.
  • Joe "Flip" Wilson (musical director)
  • Judy Kang (electric violin)
  • George "Spanky" McCurdy (drums)
  • Rashida Jolley (harp)
  • Brockett Parsons (keyboards)
  • Lanar “Kern” Brantley (bass)
  • Kareem Devlin (guitar)
  • Ricky Tillo (guitar)
  • Taneka Samone Duggan (vocals, since 03/2010)
  • Jasmine Morrow (vocals, since 08/2010)
  • Chevonne Ianuzzi (vocals, since 08/2010
  • Charity Davis (vocals, until 07/2010)
  • Ameera Perkins (vocals, until 07/2010)
  • Lenesha Randolph (vocals, until 03/2010)
  • Posh! (tambourine/hype man, until December 2010)
Here's some background information about these musicians and performers. Musical director Joe "Flip" Wilson is from Newark, NJ. His work is influenced by such greats as Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius, and Stevie Wonder. As producer, musical director, and/or keyboard player, Joe has worked with various gospel acts and with famous artists such as Beyonce.

Drummer George "Spanky" McCurdy was born and raised in Philadelphia. By age 13, he was playing with several local acts, and at age 20 he played in the gospel band Tye Tribette. Spanky has toured and recorded with many well-known artists, including Diddy, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Mariah Carey, Brandy, and Snoop Dogg.

Canadian violinist Judy Kang started playing at age 4 in her native Edmonton. At age 11 she was accepted at the Curtis Institute of Music, and at 17 she received a Bachelor's degree in music. Judy has since then performed at classical music festivals all over the world. She most recently played the 1689 'Baumgartner' Stradivarius. On the Monster Ball Tour, Judy plays a 5-string electric violin called "The Viper".

Rashida Jolley is a harpist and singer. Coined the “soulful harpist,” Rashida is the daughter of Noble Jolley, Sr., the late renowned jazz guitarist. The youngest person appointed to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, Rashida has performed on TV, most notably on America's Got Talent, and on stages across the world.

Brockett Parsons is a keyboard player who has been a member of Rahj. He plays classical, r&b, hop hop, and more. He performed on TV shows with Kerry Underwood and Bo from American Idol fame. He is most famous as a winner on Diddy's Making His Band.

Lanar “Kern” Brantley has played bass guitar and bass keyboards for many internationally renowned recording artists, including Destiny's Child, Beyonce, Faith Evans, Usher, Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Will Smith, Grover Washington Jr., and Whitney Houston.

Kareem Devlin is a guitarist from New York City whose first band was signed to Warner Brothers when he was just 15 years young. Kareem played in American Minor and has also played for, produced, and co-written with many great recording artists, such as Daniella Cotton, Ben Jelen, and The Deuce Project. He plays Gibson guitars.

Ricky Tillo is a guitar player from Toronto, Canada. He has played in Robotman, The Quits, and ActionFigureArmy, and lend his services to Esthero, Roz Bell, and Kalan Porter. His influences and styles range from rock (Hendrix, Van Halen) to r&b (Prince) and jazz (Montgomery).

The arena part of the Monster Ball Tour is the first time Lady Gaga has been featuring background vocalists in her live concerts.

Taneka Samone Duggan is a singer from New York, New York, who has performed with several artists, including Joss Stone's The Soul Sessions. She also released a solo CD, called Up Close With Hymn, a soulful album of gospel songs. She joined the Lady Gaga Monster Ball in May 2010.

Jasmine Morrow (aka "Jazz") is a singer from Philadelphia who along with three of her sisters was in the band BellaVi. Along with her sisters, Jasmine is classically trained and college educated. Vocal experience includes various musical styles, including gospel, R&B, rock, classical, and jazz. BellaVi has opened up for many artists such as Lil Wayne, Dem Franchise Boys, and Bobby Brown.

Chevonne Ianuzzi is a self-described funk-nasty Jersey girl with the mile-high pink ‘fro. She is gifted with real hairspray and glitz, sticky sweet and sweaty, all cork popping, street stomping, a pocket-sized Betty Davis, loud, trashcan groove freak to the grave supreme Girl Funk ambassador from straight up outer space.

Prior vocalists included Charity Davis, Ameera Perkins, and Lenesha Randolph. Charity Davis was on the tour until July 2010. She has experience singing in choirs, specializing in gospel and r&b. Her mother is University of Illinois music professor Ollie Watts Davis.

Ameera Perkins was born in Cincinnati, OH, and began singing at the age of seven, originally focusing on gospel music. She has also acted, and was accepted to the School of Creative and Performing Arts. She was on tour with Lady Gaga until July 2010, and starred in Diddy's TV show Making His Band.

Lenesha Randolph is a vocalist and song writer from East Organge, New Jersey, who has worked for Artist Incorporated. She has been singing background vocals for recording artist Lauryn Hill. She was on the Monster Ball for two months until she returned to perform vocal duties for Robert Randolph & The Family Band.

Posh! The Prince is a singer from New York City, who has mostly worked in Berlin, Germany. He has been described as a wild devilish fox who shouts from the stage, screeching, rapping. "I'm doing the Madonna thing here in Berlin," he said. Now, he'll be doing it all on the Monster Ball tour. Off the tour since Spring 2011.

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