Coachella Two (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (2nd weekend). April 22, 2017.

Coachella Two [zippy] or [182MB]
Intro (Medley Tape) 2:58
Schei├če 3:14
LoveGame 4:20
John Wayne 3:08
Just Dance (Interlude) :56
Just Dance 3:18
Born This Way (Interlude) 2:43
Born This Way 2:39
Venus 3:34
A-YO 6:41
Sexxx Dreams 3:31
Telephone (Interlude) 3:05
Telephone 3:34
Alejandro 4:23
Teeth 4:48
The Cure 4:54
The Edge of Glory 5:38
Speechless 5:18
Applause (Interlude) 3:54
Poker Face 3:09
Bad Romance 4:58
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Lady Gaga Fame Book On Sale!

Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame, the book by Mathieu Deflem about the rise of Gaga's fame is now on sale for only $39.99 in hardback and signed on eBay.

Just go to eBay and it's yours.

Fake Book

Beware of the fake itinerary copies sold by eBayer tourmemorabilia! These are not prints from electronic files, but just cheap photocopies of the original. All official Lady Gaga tour itineraries are printed on paper in full color.

Check earlier posts for the real thing.

Coachella (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. April 15, 2017.

Coachella [zippy or 191MB audio + 1.8GB video]
Intro (Medley Tape) 3:22
Scheisse 3:08
LoveGame 4:24
John Wayne 4:14
Just Dance 3:13
Born This Way Intro 2:25
Born This Way 2:41
Venus 4:33
A-YO 4:46
Sexxx Dreams 4:13
Telephone 3:18
Alejandro 3:58
Teeth 5:22
The Cure 3:44
The Edge of Glory 5:25
Speechless 6:02
You and I 6:28
Million Reasons 4:04
Applause (Interlude) 4:06
Poker Face 2:46
Bad Romance 4:28
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Troy Carter Talks Lady Gaga

... as part of a longer and very interesting talk, shown below.


The eight anniversary of the Lady Gaga Fame Ball show in Atlanta on April 9, 2009. Check this video of the opening video, "Who Shot Candy Warhol?", the curtain drop, and Paparazzi, from my spot on the frontrow!

Check GFR's very first post for pictures of the show and meet&greet!

Just Dance

This day, April 8, in the year 2008, Lady Gaga's first single Just Dance was released.

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