Red and Blue EP

The Red and Blue EP by Stefani. This self-released CDR is the physical copy that was sold by Stefani Germanotta at The Bitter End on March 9, 2006 to Eddie Q, who subsequently was the first to put the music as well as images of the cover and disc on the internet on March 10, 2009. It is now safely in the Gagafrontrow collection. Many special thanks to Eddie!

de la maison de gagafrontreau
See earlier post to compare with the fakes.
More to follow. Stay tuned!

Lush Life (mp3)

Lady Gaga. Lush Life. Grand Place, Brussels, September 22, 2014.

Lush Life [12MB mp3]
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Gaga's Cherrytree

Lady Gaga among Cherrytree's top-selling artists! Boom boom!
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Fake! Red and Blue, Words (eBay Alert!)

July 2018. Fake CD alert! Somebody is trying to sell counterfeit copies of the Red and Blue and Words EPs as authentic. They are just some of the usual fakes. Do not buy! Update: the CDs sold on eBay but fortunately not for all too much money.

Check the Red and Blue page for a comparison of fakes.
See also the Words page for its fake version.

Joanne World Tour Documentary

This is a fun fan-made doc about the Joanne World Tour.

 See more about #JWTour on this site.

New Albums

2018: Soundtrack
2018: #LG6
2019: With Tony Bennett

Gaga Sensei

Four years since this awesome drawing of yours truly by the amazing Iggy Proof!

Arigato, Iggy!

Born This Day 5+23+11

Happy born this day, Born This Way!

More pictures from #BTWweek on the GFR FaceBook page!

Saitama BTWBall

May 10, 2012, Saitama Super Arena was ready for the first Tokyo Born This Way Ball!
See the pictures here!
And more on the Tokyo 2012 page.

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