Lady Gaga @ Fox Theatre, Atlanta, December 29, 2009

Some of my pictures of Lady Gaga's concert on the Monster Ball tour at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Tuesday, December 29, 2009. Special thanks to all the great fans I met in Atlanta!
Before the Ball... Gaga enters the theatre.

Intro Jumping Film | Dance in the Dark | Just Dance | Puke Film (Desert) | LoveGame | Alejandro | Raven Film (Forrest) | Monster | So Happy I Could Die | Teeth | Speechless |Virgin Call Gag | Poker Face (acoustic) | Tank Girl Film (Egypt) | The Fame | Money Honey | Beautiful Dirty Rich | Antler Film (City) | Boys Boys Boys | Paper Gangsta | Poker Face |Monster Film | Paparazzi || Eh, Eh | Bad Romance
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