Setlist Joanne World Tour

Here is the complete setlist of the Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour, including the interludes and the pre-show music.

Act 1
Countdown Intro
1. Diamond Heart
2. A-YO
3. Poker Face
4. Perfect Illusion
(Perfect Illusion Band Interlude)
Act 2
Car Film (Video Interlude)
5. John Wayne
6. Scheiße
7. Alejandro
(Alejandro Band Interlude)
Act 3
Rhino (Video Interlude)
8. Just Dance
9. LoveGame
10. Telephone
(Telephone Band Interlude)
Act 4
Backstage Film (Video Interlude)
11. Applause
12. Come to Mama
13. The Edge of Glory
14. Born This Way
(Born This Way Band Interlude)
Act 5
Cult (Video Interlude)
15. Bloody Mary
16. Dancin’ In Circles
17. Paparazzi
(Paparazzi Band Interlude)
Act 6
18. Angel Down
19. Joanne
(Joanne Band Interlude)
Act 7
Paint (Video Interlude)
20. Bad Romance
21. The Cure
22. Million Reasons
The wait music* before the show includes the following:
Moore (Aceyalone), SpottieOttieDopaliscious (OutKast), Tsuxiit (Islands), Two Sails on a Sound (Animal Collective), CS60 (BadBadNotGood), Bibb County [Reprise] (Daniel Hart), Mercury the Messenger (Daniel Hart), Shook [The Answer] (Keshia Chanté), Oni Swan (Man Man), Cabinet of Curiosities (Jacco Gardner), Swallowtail (Daniel Hart), All Over (Jacco Gardner).
* Special thanks to Josega.
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