Charlotte Nights

On September 18, 2010, Lady Gaga recorded a song when she was in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the Monster Ball. She talked about having written a new song and references it as "Charlotte" Nights. Before she played You and I at the show, she said "I did write another song today while I was here in North Carolina," which she called "an impressive and interesting place" because of an "adult shop" she visited where "the pornography was staggering... Congratulations on your tripple-X stores!" So she "got really inspired" to write "a great song here."

Since the BTW album was already recorded by that time, the new song could not have been on that album. During You and I, she sings "I wrote a hit song here today... There's something about Charlotte Nights" from which I thought the song was called "Charlotte Nights" rather than Brooklyn Nights when I posted pictures. Maybe. Maybe not.
P.S. Near the end of the performance of Papaparazzi at the Charlotte show, Gaga also sings part of the Born This Way song, which was not yet released at that time. "You're beatiful in your way..."

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