New Gagafrontrow Banner Contest!

The Gagafrontrow site will update its banner with your help! A new site banner will be selected from the best submissions received by Friday, July 1, 2011. The banner should use contemporary Gaga-related artwork from the BTW era since 5+23+11, feature the words GAGAFRONTROW, and be exactly 958 px wide and at least 110 px and no more than 125 px high with an additional 15 px black top. Every selected banner will be posted on the site for at least one day, and a chosen best banner will become the site banner thereafter. As if that weren't enough, a prize will be given to the top-3 submissions: a USB of The Fame Monster, a Colombian promo CD of Telephone, and a Korean CD of the Born This Way single.
In this picture, you can see @LittleAlphonse helping out... :)
This contest is now closed.

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