Buyer Beware... Born Another Way

February 2011. As was to be expected, with the release of the new Lady Gaga single Born This Way, the flood gates of unauthorized releases have once again been opened. In the interest of protecting the fans, here are some examples of the cheaply produced bootleg copies of Born This Way that are floating around, especially on eBay.

This bootleg promo appears in a form similar to earlier such copies of other singles. Sold by chimmichanga on eBay.
This cheap copy is sold on eBay by qurbanahmed as a "genuine" Japanese promo. Note the inclusion of unofficial remixes and the font type. The disc is also bought and sold by jjklubklass who is notorious for selling fakes!

More News on More Boots & Copies!
A seller called jaggedlittlepill2010 sells a Born This Way CD on eBay that contains unofficial remixes, no doubt in the form of another home-made copy as we are used to from eBay seller whose ID ends with 2010.
Also selling cheap unauthorized copies of the new single are eBayers aj_2000 and, as usual, terrysimmons.
Finally, fans will be interested to know that norwegianlady1744 has been receiving the negative feedback rightly deserved for selling home-made copies of early Lady Gaga demos (see earlier post). The seller's eBay account has been deleted, but not before having duped several fans for multiple hundreds of dollars...

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