Collectors Corner Update

January 2011. Another update for the collectors in anticipation of BTW.

The Fame - Greece Special Edition (2009). Yet another one...

The Fame - Ukraine (2008). This is the red-disc version of the CD that is distributed by the Ukrainian company Moon Records for Interscope/Universal. This is an authorized release because Moon Records is the official distributor for Interscope for the Ukraine territory.
Poker Face - Promo (12 tracks, 2009). This 12-track edition is relatively rare, but has lately been popping up for sale here and there.

The Fame Monster - France Double CD (blue sticker, 2010). This unedited version of the sophomore album is at least the second French edition.

This is the pink-sticker edition... who has it? Please email.

eBay Advisory...
The Japanese CD singles that have recently been offered for sale on eBay are not rare releases, but individual discs taken out of the box set "The Singles". The catalogue numbers range from UICS-5041 thru UICS-5049.

And... see earlier post.

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