Gaga @ DC — Pre-Show Pictures

September 29, 2009. Preparations for the show in Washington, DC. Pictures of the band. Also info about the upcoming Gaga tours.

On this day (September 29, 2009), rumor has it... that the Fame Kills tour will likely not involve the current Gaga band members, but the music for the show will instead all be done by the Kanye band, doing the music both for his songs as well as for Gaga's. The Fame Kills performances would most likely alternate between Kanye and Gaga, with some songs performed as duets. The production of the show is said to be gigantic (and costly...). While Gaga's band members may be integrated in the shows (that decision should be made soon), the band is already set to continue with Gaga during her solo shows next year, when tours are planned in Australia and Asia, with additional dates yet to be scheduled...

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