Lady Gaga at Americans For The Arts

"I am here tonight because not only have you accepted me, but you have accepted someone that is not Lady Gaga. My name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. I am an Italian-American. I was not born blond, like my mother would have you believe. I, over time, read so many books, watched so many movies, did so much art, met so many sculptors, filmmakers, poets, musicians, sidewalk artists that I invented something that was much stronger than I ever could had been on my own. And that is what, for me, is what I see between my fans and what I hope to achieve together. I ask you, please, to use me, use me, use me for your own art. Allow the world to come together, allow us all to share our creative processes together and not be isolated, but by talking about each other's work and lifting each other up. Art goes on forever to the future of the young people that look to all of you."

Read Gaga's full acceptance speech online.

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