ARTPOP Mashups (mp3)

You haven't heard anything until you've heard the ARTPOP Mashups by the amazing Johnno Solo! Awesome stuff which you must check out to believe. A soundcloud audio sample is included. Happy 21st birthday, Johnno!

Go to the Mp3Archives for audio download.

Aura x Dance In The Dark
Venus x Telephone
G.U.Y. x LoveGame
Sexxx Dreams x Just Dance
Jewels N Drugs x Beautiful Dirty Rich
MANiCURE x Government Hooker
Do What U Want x Alejandro
ARTPOP x Poker Face
Swine x Schei├če
Donatella x Bad Romance
Fashion! x Black Jesus + Amen Fashion
Mary Jane Holland x So Happy I Could Die
Gypsy x Electric Chapel
Applause x Swine
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