Lady Gaga Of Course!

January 31, 2014. The university course about Beyonce at Rutgers is all of a sudden getting some media attention, even though that course has been around for 2 years and
was put together by a student after Mathieu Deflem's course on Lady Gaga course had hit the media. The course "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame", taught at the University of South Carolina since 2011, has been globally discussed since the Fall of 2010. So why do the media need to discuss these pop culture courses every so many years, and why do they forget so quickly they already did so before? Or is this odd media behavior also a result of the current popularity of Beyonce v. Lady Gaga among the general public...? Or perhaps it is even indicative of the media's perception of Gaga herself...?

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and about the professor's work on Lady Gaga.

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